Woot Is Selling Craftsman Tools at Up to 60% Off

All the screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets and ratchets you'll ever need are under $25

Craftsman tools on sale at Woot
Craftsman tools are on sale at Woot for under $25
Woot / Amazon

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I don’t know tools well.

Instead, I rely on a yearly tradition: my father sending me wrenches, hammers and drills for Christmas. I now have an enviable toolbox that friends routinely borrow, but I seem to only use when I need to hang a picture.

One thing I have learned: If I do need a tool, it’s hard to go wrong with Craftsman. The nearly century-old brand (once an in-house brand at Sears) makes a sturdy array of household and garage gizmos that’ll last you forever.

So today is the day you can get your DIY / home project started, as Woot is throwing a sale on Craftsman tools, all under $25 and up to 60% off.

Craftsman tools on sale at Woot
Woot / Amazon

The tiny 5-piece screwdriver set is a must, but this is also the time to stock up on socket, ratchet and wrench sets — emphasis on the “sets” because if you’re like me, you definitely don’t know what you’ll need when you start a project. So get everything (I’m not even sure what a spade auger bit set is, but at $12, I’m buying!).

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