The iPhone 7 Has One Massive Drawback. We Solved It.

The 12 best wireless headphones to keep the music playing

August 12, 2016 9:00 am

A pretty strong rumor suggests Apple hates you.

To wit: when the iPhone 7 hits next month, there won’t be a headphone jack. Yeah, remember when Apple put out all those ads featuring silhouettes of cool people rocking out with gleaming white headphone wires everywhere? Forget it.

Now before you complain, or rush out to buy a “dongle” (please don’t), listen up: this is for the best.

Wireless headsets are having a moment.

Below, a few of our favorites:

For your commute:

Sennheiser’s PXC 550 Wireless headphones are first class. The noise-cancelling headphones allow up to 20 hours of wireless use, and feature a touch-sensitive trackpad to adjust volume and skip songs, along with a built-in limiter to avoid sudden peaks in volume.

It’s the details that shine in Beoplay’s H5 wireless earphones: a braided cord that prevents tangles, magnetic earpieces that snap together and automatically power down, and smartphone/Apple Watch integration where you can personalize sound.

Save: At a tenth of the price of a Bose, the surprisingly sporty Kinivo puts all the controls (power, volume, skip) on the ’phones themselves. The earpieces are foldable and feature eight hours of battery time.

For your workout:

Plantronics’ sturdy BlackBeat FIT wireless headphones are designed to stay put comfortably for all levels of exercise — and waterproof tech makes ’em suitable for indoor and outdoor workouts. The FIT also comes with a reversible armband to secure your phone while you’re exercising—and store your headphones afterwards.

You don’t have to fuss with any wires or headbands with the The VerveOnes+ True Wireless earbuds. The water- and sweat-proof set offers up to 12 hours of play time, and you can charge ’em in their pocket-friendly case.

Save: The MEE audio X7 Plus is your best option under $100. Nothing fancy, just a solid fit during workouts and a sweat-proof design. Good for up to 8 hours of use.

For your entertainment:

Sporting a solid 30-foot range from any Bluetooth device, the Beats Studio Wireless are perfect for your nights of boisterous couch surfing. The Adaptive Noise Canceling feature helps you strike a balance between what you’re watching and noise from the world outside.

The ability to run for up to 24 hours, along with several power-saving features, makes the BackBeat PRO’s ideal for marathon Netflix binging. Smart sensors pause and play as you slip the headphones on and off.

Save: If you’re not looking for noise-canceling capabilities (or much in the style department), the $109 Sony’s Wireless RF Headphones are your choice. They feature a wireless range up to 150 feet and 25 hours of battery life.

For those who can wait:

Here One’s “smart” buds do the basics (stream music, take phone calls, etc.) but also “remix” real world sounds, filtering out specific noises (e.g. airplane engines) while amplifying speech. Shipping this winter.

The Chinese company BeSound was behind the leak of the iPhone 7 design. Ahead of the game, their Thunder noise-canceling earphones “personalize” sounds and music to your preference. And while the product isn’t wireless, it is one of the first brands to utilize Apple’s Lightning port as a plug. Shipping in February.

If you truly miss your white Apple earbuds, the company is rumored to be offering wireless “AirPods” sometime after the iPhone 7 launch that would work via Bluetooth, integrate tightly with Siri and ditch the physical cable. A carrying case would double as a rechargeable power pack. Release TBD.

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