Pro: Uber Trips to Tijuana! Con: They’re One Way.

UberPASSPORT debuts in San Diego

By Kunal
March 21, 2016 9:00 am

As if Uber’s one-touch ordering system didn’t make debatable decisions easy enough, the ride-sharing service is now offering on-demand trips to Mexico.

More specifically, one-way trips to Tijuana, hallowed home to cheap tequila shots, budget bachelor parties and farm animal performance art.

Using the new UberPASSPORT service, San Diegans can seamlessly cross the border in groups of four for a splittable fare of $90-$160.

Riders need to bring a passport to get across and, although Tijuana is one of nearly 400 cities where Uber operates and the company is working on return trips, passengers are responsible for getting themselves back on American soil by bus, cab or drunken stumble.

If successful, the service could spread to other locations.

“It’s very exciting for us because there are a lot of places where we could have launched a cross-border product, but we recognize the importance of the largest border crossing in the world and the unique relationship between San Diego and Tijuana,” says Christopher Ballard, general manager for Uber in Southern California.

Stay classy, San Diego.

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