Truth or Err

By The Editors
October 12, 2012 9:00 am
Truth or Err

In an election season when the press is so easily distracted by outright lies and outsized Big Birds, what incentive does anybody have to speak the truth?

How about thousands of dollars in cash? That’s exactly what’s on offer at Truth Market.

Started by a consortium of smarties (former CTOs, CEOs, AI developers, attorneys, etc.) disgusted with the “distorted and fabricated” facts of political campaigns, Truth Market literally pays people to rebut bogus claims.

Anyone with a beef can join in: just make a claim (e.g. Romney didn’t pay taxes, Obama was born in Kenya). If enough sponsors back your campaign, it goes live — and then anyone has the right to challenge for 90 days.

If your opponents present “empirically verifiable evidence” and a jury of scientifically-trained adjudicators concurs, they win the pot (currently up to $35,000). Nobody up to the challenge? Your sponsors take home 80%, while you get 20% and some karmic “nah nah nah” satisfaction.

An accompanying app is currently in the works. The current site features campaigns involving gun safety, global warming and the truthiness of cell phone safety claims.

Maybe a good bet to settle before that mobile app comes out.

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