This Raft Tent Is a Great Accomplishment

It's a raft. It's a tent. It's your secret new napping place.

October 6, 2017 9:00 am

Developed in Utah, the Traft is an inflatable raft that can double as a tent. It can also compress down into a backpack-sized bundle when it’s time for moving on dry land. Durable and lightweight, the packraft is good for an afternoon on the water or a multi-day trip.

Tested on oceans, lakes and rivers, the patent-pending design of the Traft incorporates a strong, flexible material called TPU (thermo plastic polyurethane) that’s guaranteed to last. To wit: Traft fields all large repairs at cost, and the raft includes a repair kit for any small ones.

Traft (2 images)

That said, the Traft is tough enough to handle rapids Class I-IV rapids like a champ.

You can choose to look at it as a tent that can float or a raft you can sleep in, but either way the Traft is cutting the amount of gear you need in half. That convenience comes with a price (thought to be about $900). To stay updated on the official release, sign up here.

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