This ‘Pocket Samurai Sword’ Is Nearly Indestructible, Almost Half Off

A go-to mini blade for all your roughest chores

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Damascus steel (when multiple metals are fused together) produces fascinating patterns and a harder, more flexible material than wrought iron. When made properly, it’s the type of blade you want to use … and definitely want to show off.

Omni, a new crowdfunded pocket knife that dubs itself “the world’s sharpest EDC,” certainly wins on both strength and aesthetics. The mini blade, housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum body, is five times stronger than normal steel. And it features a cool, watered pattern that you won’t find on your everyday Swiss Army carry.

You’re not getting the jack-of-all-trades EDC that, say, a Leatherman offers. But you are getting a stronger blade that’s smaller than your average key fob and certainly offers superior cutting force. It’s gonna tear up boxes, cut rope and open cans with aplomb, and double as a makeshift screwdriver in a pinch.

Available with a lifetime warranty, the Omni recently met its crowdfunding goals, but is still on sale at Indiegogo for 35-44% off, with delivery in January.


Photos: Matthew Cain/Omni

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