This Life-Changing Cord Charges All of Your Devices. All of ‘Em.

The interchangeable Powerline II is now just $11

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My phone, battery pack and wireless earbuds — the three things that power me through the daily tedium — all require different cords. It’s part of the reason I carry a backpack everywhere and why I bring a dedicated tech dopp kit on flights.

Anker’s Powerline II has made my life a lot simpler.

It’s one cable that can handle three different types of charging — Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB, which you can change by simply switching connectors attached to the cord.

And this is not the flimsy white cable that came with my iPhone; this three-foot, 3-in-1 line has “bulletproof” fiber reinforcement (not testing that claim) that can be bent over 12,000 times. It’s also MFi certified, which is basically Apple’s stamp of approval for third-party vendors it likes. Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty and for most devices it offers high-speed charging.

All that, and both the white and black versions are currently just $11.24 if you use the code ANKERKJ8, down from $17.

BUY IT HERE: $11.24

Photos: Amazon; Anker

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