Minimalist Clock Proves Time Is Fleeting and, Ahem, Floating

Look ma, no hands

February 16, 2017 9:00 am

For our next trick, we’re gonna make time levitate …

Just launched on Kickstarter — and already fully funded — STORY is a levitating timepiece that orbits around a wooden base. You can also use the chrome ball’s orbit as a countdown timer for the time interval of your choice (up to a year) to mark special occasions.

Flyte Story (5 images)

If you need a more exact reading, a LED Matrix displays the time through the surface of the wood. How does it work? Magnets, of course.

If you’re worried about this being just another Kickstarter trick, take note: STORY is designed by the Swedish firm Flyte, who’ve already successfully funded two other levitating projects.

Early bird pricing starts at $399, a big discount from the retail price of $649.

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