This New, Nearly Full-Featured Smartphone Is the Size of a Credit Card

When Apple goes large, Kyocera goes small. Really small.

October 22, 2018 9:00 am

They say big ideas come in small packages.

And while Apple continues to expand the size (and price) of its iPhones, a few other companies are shrinking their smart devices. The recently revived, Steph Curry-endorsed Palm launched its Verizon-exclusive mini-phone earlier this month. And now Japan’s Kyocera enters the fray with the tiny KY-01L.

How tiny? Stack three or four credit cards superjacent one another. That tiny.

Unlike other miniature devices, you’re not sacrificing all the modern bells and whistles here. Sure, the ePaper display is black and white, but you’re still getting calling, texting, a browser, calculator and calendar.

Apparently, this phone isn’t going to do all your heavy lifting — it’s supposed to act as a companion (or a sidekick, to use old smartphone vernacular) to your regular-sized cell phone.

And for now, the KY-01L will only be available in Japan. Pretty sure you’ll have no trouble sneaking one back, though.

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