This Is Why Your iPhone 15 Is Overheating

Several customers have complained about overheating issues with the iPhone 15, particularly the Pro and Pro Max models

Customers experience the newly launched iPhone 15 series at Apple's flagship store in Shanghai, China, September 24, 2023
Is your iPhone getting almost too hot to touch?
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The new iPhone 15 is hot — and not in a good way. Users have begun complaining about their new phones overheating, particularly with the Pro models. We’d already heard rumors about the iPhone 15 getting too warm while performing intense tasks, but now there’s some real evidence.

Per Android Authority, some of the blame may be because of Apple’s A17 Pro processor, though phones are also becoming hot while charging (as a new owner of an iPhone 15, I can attest to that). In a series of tests they performed, the iPhone 15 Pro was slightly warmer than two comparable Android models when running mundane or everyday tasks. However, when undergoing various stress tests, the 15 Pro reached a too-hot-to-hold 47.4 degrees C. During a 4K/60 video recording test, the reviewer noted the phone “[exceeded] an acceptable level of comfort in the hand after extending the test to 10 minutes.”

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A charging test didn’t go much better. The phone became uncomfortable to hold when running any tasks while charging. Apple may have noticed this because their new phones will throttle charging speeds if they get too hot (which increases the time it’ll take to charge up your device).

TechRadar, meanwhile, claims they haven’t noticed overheating with the iPro 15 Max but they have with the flagship iPhone 15. For all the 15 models (which use different chips), they point to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s assessment that overheating is the result of “compromises made in the thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight.”

The good news is that it’s fixable. The bad news? As Kuo points out, “It’s expected that Apple will address this through software updates, but improvements may be limited unless Apple lowers processor performance.” So to fix the heat issue, you may lose a little power and performance.

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