This Stroller/Suitcase Hybrid Is a Parental Gamechanger

Traveling with kids just got a LOT easier

November 7, 2016 9:00 am

Papas: You’ve got a brand new bag.

Those of you who are not papas: move along. Because this one’s pretty much exclusive to papas.

The Born to Fly Baby is a new line of parent-friendly luggage from real-life couple Ben Newman and Josie Stockdill. Their purpose: to make traveling with a newborn far more palatable.

Essentially, the BTFB is a carry-on that hides a removable stroller, portable change mat, strap-in floor seat, dirty diaper organizer and USB charger.

“As new parents we quickly discovered that we had been excluded from the world of travel,” the couple writes on their Kickstarter page, who note that strollers have to be checked in and get dirty in transit.

The stroller bag is currently available for preorder for about $230.

And it fits snugly in the overhead compartment.

Just remember to take the baby out first.


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