Yeah but Does Your Adventure Trailer Come With a Rooftop Tent?

Adventure trailers are starting to look a lot like tiny homes

February 22, 2018 9:00 am

Ah, living spaces that attach to vehicles. The envy of most Americans.

Problem is, they’re usually so fantastical. Too unrealistic. Think Steinbeck’s “Rocinante” in Travels With Charley … or the Bluth family cabin car in Arrested Development. Either that or it’s just sort of implied they are meant for retirement.

Introducing Rove Rentals, an adventure trailer rental company that channels that creativity and actually delivers, offering compact campers with ingenious attachable tents, easy to use and ideal for a two-night weekend getaway to your favorite campground.

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Rove offers two types of trailers: the Ultimate and the Utility. The Ultimate is basically a little sleepaway cabin, with a queen-sized mattress, USB outlets and maple cabinets. Outfitted to the back and around the exterior are two burner stoves, a fridge, and a generator, among all sorts of racks for storage. The Utility is a scaled-back, skeletal version of the Ultimate.

The real winner here though is the Rooftop Tent. The perfect way to combat critters, uneven terrain and wet ground, Rove’s RTTs attach to the Ultimate, the Utility and even your own car. (Note that all tents are 50% off when booked with an Adventure Trailer.) If you’re looking to explore with a group, rent the Ultimate and sleep four people between the cabin and the tent. 

As for a potential fifth wheel … he’s sleeping in the car.

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