The Hands-Down Best Beginner’s Turntable is Currently $100 Off

And it looks cool as hell, too

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At a moment in time when seemingly everyone is either getting into vinyl or getting back into vinyl, it’s noteworthy that Amazon is currently selling the Audio Technica LP-120 turntable — which everyone else is selling for $249 or even $299 — for $199.

The 120 is widely considered to be the best entry level audiophile-ish turntable, meaning it’s perfect for people who have just realized that their Crosley is sh*t and are looking to step up their game. It’s a direct-drive turntable that does a great job combining traditional elements with modern capabilities. There’s a USB port for people who want to listen through their computer speakers or digitize their LPs, and there’s an onboard preamp for listening through audio receivers that don’t have dedicated phono inputs. It looks great, too, especially in the silver color, which, conveniently, is the only one that’s on sale. (And it gives off some pretty serious SL-1200 vibes, if you’re into that sort of thing.)

It’s worth noting that there’s no Bluetooth capability built in, so if you’re looking to stream directly to a wireless system (say, a Sonos setup like this one), you’ll want to look at the LP 60 instead.

Image: Audio-Technica

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