The 50 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

You can make it more than just a Hallmark holiday

Updated December 16, 2020 1:39 pm
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Mike Falco

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We can all agree that Valentine’s Day comes a little too soon in the calendar year. After shopping for the entirety of November and December, it’s time to do it again. So to help you find the best unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her, I, a real-live woman, sifted through all the goop and jewels and have made for you a Valentine’s Day gift guide.

What you’ll find below are some typical V-day gifts — jewelry, make-up, shoes — along with items for her home, more stylish gear to add to her closet and products to aid her overall health and wellness. Now go off, have fun, and don’t forget to pick up those supermarket flowers.

Cause You Love to See Her Shine

Margot Hoop Earrings

These pomegranate-looking earrings are … delicious. Not only do they lend a hand to our V-day color scheme, but they’ll dazzle up any regular old outfit and go nicely with those fancier ones.

Diamonds Station Necklace

A simple, yet effective piece of jewelry, this 14k gold necklace features six dainty diamonds sprinkled around the chain. She can wear this every day but also as a statement piece (six diamonds is no joke).

Infinity Heart Ring

Usually, we’d tell you to stay away from heart-shaped things — it’s a little too on-the-nose. And tacky. But when done correctly, heart-shaped jewelry can be cute, like this infinity heart ring (cause your love is infinite) from New-York based jewelry brand Aurate. It’s dainty enough where she can wear it every day, and when she realizes it’s comprised of mini hearts she’ll be like “aw, mini hearts!

18-Karat Rose Gold Ruby Bracelet

This looks like a bracelet Carey Grant would gift to Ingrid Bergman after stealing it from a forbidden tomb and accidentally releasing some kind of curse. Cannot confirm nor deny any supernatural properties in this 18 karat rose gold bracelet that features a dazzling heart-shaped ruby, but it is mesmerizing. And pricey — but no doubt will be a gift she remembers forever. 

Lifelong Heart Hoop Pierced Earrings

There’s something about these Swarovski heart hoop earrings that we love. It’s most likely the asymmetrical diamond placement, that really turns these otherwise sparkly hoop earrings into a real unique piece of jewelry.

Karolyne Tapered Tennis Bracelet

You know what never goes out of style? A tennis bracelet. How can you stand out amongst the other million variations of tennis bracelet gifters? By getting one in rose gold and that features an illusion of movement like this Thomas Laine one.

Diamond Bar Pendant

The company notes this “refined, linear Diamond Bar Pendant raises the style stakes.” Seriously. This necklace sets more than a quarter-carat of bright diamonds along a 14k gold bar, yet still remains a low-key, elegant piece of jewelry. A subtle flex for sure.

Neo Ring, Gold Vermeil/Sapphire

This art deco-inspired ring is polished in gold vermeil and sapphires, made to kick her everyday look up a notch.

Point Sterling Silver Earrings

Stud earrings get no love — but it’s important for her to have a reliable pair she can wear almost every day (or for when her ears start to hurt after sporting all those hoops). These tear-drop-shaped sterling silver earrings are perfect —not too boring on the stud front and lightweight enough to wear to bed every night (as a woman who wears earrings every day, this is an important detail).

Personalized Jewelry

If you’re looking to take a more sentimental route, Etsy is your one-stop-shop for thoughtful gifts you (shh) really don’t have to put much effort into or pay too much for. You can get almost any style of jewelry and customize it with her name or initials. Maybe an anniversary date or the coordinates of where you two met — whatever sappy shit you wanna throw on there, you can.

Cause You Love Waiting 45 Minutes For Her To Get Ready

Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême

Chanel has stepped up their beauty product game, and everyone covets some expensive lipsticks and powders from the iconic brand. And one of their best-sellers is this Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême lipstick — an intense matte lip color with a non-drying texture, so it’ll glide onto her lips smoothly but last all day long. Not to mention the sleek, chic packaging will look gorgeous in her makeup bag.

Bright-Eyed 100% Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40

Supergoop! is the first protective skincare brand that puts SPF front and center, which helps with aging and sun damage. And while all their products leave you glossy, protected and hydrated, their latest eye cream release exemplifies this to the max — illuminating those under-eyes and protecting against hyperpigmentation (which leads to black circles).

The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Sorry boys, you can’t get her another Naked palette this year. But what you can get her is this “reinvented” nude eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty. What’s great about this palette is that it includes all her basic matte shades in addition to some stunning shimmer-drenched hues.

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Now you’re probably wondering if I buy this will my wife/girlfriend will she get mad because I’m insinuating her bum needs fixing? No! Basically what this cream does is smooth and tighten the skin (and can go anywhere on the body, but does wonders for the butt). It’s award-winning, tested by yours truly and wouldn’t be a terrible addition to her beauty routine.

Glossier You

Glossier is mainly known for its skincare products (many of which your lady probably owns), but the dark horse in Glossier’s catalog of beauty products is their Glossier You perfume. The three base notes are meant to melt into her skin, so what she (and you) will be smelling is the clean, warm, lovely scent that is her essence. 

Nars Blush Orgasm

You’re looking at an icon here boys. If you ask any woman what blush she’d most want, it’s Nars’ in shade Orgasm. It’s a best-seller but pretty pricey for a blush, which makes it the perfect gift. If she already has this in her arsenal and doesn’t need a refill, consider Glossier’s cloud paint — a gel-cream, highly-coveted blush.

The Body Essentials

Nécessaire specializes in body and sex care products, using only the cleanest and high-quality ingredients. This set of the brand’s body essentials — body exfoliator, wash and lotion — is packed with vitamins and nutrients to support healthy skin and will look good in her (and your) bathroom.

The Shock Volumizing Mascara

A Yves Saint Laurent, long-lasting, high volumizing mascara at a price of thirty bucks is a steal. The Shock’s hourglass-shaped brush allows for more formula to hold onto the lashes, creating the dramatic look she wants.

Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer

This powder bronzer from Rihanna’s beloved makeup line Fenty Beauty comes in eight different shades to give her that sun-kissed glow, whatever her skin tone.

Glossier Pro Tip Eyeliner

I’ll just leave you with this very honest customer review: “After a night at my boyfriend’s holiday party that involved me sweating, laughing, crying, throwing up, etc. I woke up to discover my worst nightmare, I was in no state to take off my makeup the night before. When I went to the bathroom to see the beast before me, my PRO TIP EYELINER was perfectly in tact, looking like I had just done it. The one thing I do not regret from that night is putting on this eyeliner. THANK YOU”

The Violet Box – Best Sellers

…Or if you’re still overwhelmed by all the goop and have no clue what she’d like, you can get her a mix of everything. This box from Violet Grey features 13 of their best selling products, from makeup to hair care. Valued at $441, this is a total steal.

Cause You Love Her Style

Glitter Handbag

Alright, this maybe isn’t the high-end item the LOYL deserves, but it’s definitely a fun, dazzling accessory she’ll love carrying around (mainly because everyone at the party/bar will compliment her on it, secretly envying her bold style).

Evelyn Boot

This burgundy, stretch leather sock boot functions as both a sexy and casual shoe. She can pair these babies with jeans for a lowkey but stylish look, or with a slinky dress for a night out.

Left Eye Sunglasses in Blood Moon

These 90s-inspired cat-eye shades are giving off some major bitch vibes. Good bitch vibes! Like confident, chic bitches who wear the color “blood moon,” kinda vibe. You get the gist, bitch.

Savanna Asymmetrical Midi Dress

A whimsical, midi dress featuring an asymmetrical hemline, a smocked neckline and lots and lots of ruffles AKA the dress she wants to dance in all night long.

NET SUSTAIN Tableau Fringed Checked Wool and Cashmere-Blend Scarf

Is it a scarf? Is it an afghan? We’d argue both. What we do know for sure, though, is that this large multi-patterned piece of coziness from Holzweiler is made with up to 60% of recycled wool and features two unique designs on either side.

Chloé Aby Lock Small Lizard-Effect Leather Shoulder Bag

We love a Chloé bag that doesn’t pull any punches. This one is inspired by the padlock that made the brand’s iconic ‘Paddington’ style, well, iconic. It features not one, not two, but three different textured leathers and lizard-effects along with a key charm and a small engraving with a keyhole motif.

Curzon 75 Suede Boots

These black suede boots from Aquazzura can be paired seamlessly with any skirt, dress or pant and fit closely around the calves for an effortlessly sexy and chic look whenever she wants.

Cassi Dress

Like tennis bracelets, little black dresses never go out of style. But the square neckline on this midi dress from Reformation adds a bit of elegance to the LBD, while still maintaining its characteristic sex appeal thanks to that sneaky side slit.

Dolce Floral-Print Satin-Band Straw Hat

Is it premature to start shopping for the summer? Whatever. Wherever she finds herself on sunny days — on the beach, in the garden, drinking wine on the coast of Italy — she’ll want to be wearing this lovely floral-print satin-band, wide-brim straw hat.

Cause You Love to See Her Happy & Healthy

The Perform Leggings

Everlane recently dropped the Perform Leggings — a super lightweight, extra high-waisted pair of leggings made from premium performance fabric from a renowned Italian mill. They are pilates-approved, perfect for running errands or lounging around, or, considering I’m wearing them right now, writing Valentine’s Day gift guides for a men’s lifestyle website.

The Tub Kit

One of our fave sexual wellness brands, get maude, is rebranding the sex space with products you may actually want to be seen with. Next to aesthetically pleasing vibrators and bottles of lube, the brand also features some products for overall wellness, like the Tub Kit which includes soaking salts and a coconut milk bath, you two could share (depending on the size of your tub).

Weighted Blanket, 12lbs 

Almost everyone owns a weighted blanket because almost everyone is severely stressed out. Seriously, weighted blankets are known to help relieve stress, alleviate restless leg syndrome and even help people with ADHD focus. She’ll sleep better, you’ll sleep better knowing she’s sleeping better (and because you’ll also be cuddled up under it).

Silk Eye Mask with Cooling Gel Insert

Crafted in black mulberry silk, this luxurious eye mask includes a cooling gel insert that she can pop in the fridge before use to help reduce under-eye puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, all while getting a good nights sleep.

FrostKnit Full-Zip and 7/8 Leggings

Outdoor Voices released the ultimate cold-weather running set — the FrostKnit Full-Zip and FrostKnit 7/8 Leggings. The high-rise leggings will keep her warm without feeling too hot and feature a back pocket to keep her phone secure, while the full-zip has thumb holes, two outer zip pockets and one internal pocket. Not to mention the set is incredibly cute.

Drx Spectralite Faceware Pro

What the hell is this terrifying face mask? It’s a hands-free LED mask that fights acne and signs of aging with three types of light therapy — red light therapy, blue light therapy, and red and blue therapy, that are totally customizable to fit her skin needs.

Limited Edition Manduka Pro® Yoga Mat

When shopping for a yoga mat, the most important factor to look for (at least for us amateur yogis) is how are my hands gonna feel while I balance my entire body weight on top of them? Look no further than this limited edition, ultra-dense and spacious performance Maduka Pro mat. Unmatched in comfort or cushioning, guaranteed. Her hands will thank you later.

Classic Spa Set

Sometimes a simple, fluffy bathrobe and a serene candle are all she needs to feel relaxed. Along with a trip to the spa.

Go Getter Bag

What’s nice about this gym bag from Lulu is that it doesn’t look like a gym bag. She can go from the office to yoga with ease, with the bag’s yoga mat straps and interior padded laptop pocket.

4 Ways Beauty Pillow

You’re probably thinking, how can a pillow be a sexy, fun gift? Well, you clearly haven’t met this pillo. The 4 Ways Beauty Pillow, however, is more focused on getting a good night’s rest, for all kinds of sleepers. The pillow features a traditionally shaped side for stomach sleepers, while the other is shaped in a signature scoop to restore spinal alignment for side and back sleepers. It also comes with a “custom-fit TriSilk” reversible Pillowcase, nourishing dry skin on the silk side and fighting oily skin on the bamboo side. And it’ll help keep her hair frizz-free.

Cause You Love Her Home (and It’s Probably Your Home Too)

Carmo Vase

‘Cause when you pick up last-minute flowers from Trader Joe’s on V-day, you’ll need a vase to put them in, preferably one that doesn’t look like a last-minute pickup.

Oh Mon Dieu No. 69 Candle

We know what you’re thinking. Nice. And also Why the hell would I purchase a $95 candle with a huge 69 on it? Well because this candle from L’Objet takes you on a little trip back in time to 1969 Paris — a time of “artistic and sexual revolution.” With notes of rose absolute and jasmine and a base of oakmoss, leather, civet and musk, there’s really no telling what will happen once you light this sensual scent (but we could make a pretty good guess).

Lizzy Frame

You know what would look nice? A picture of you two in one of these hand-painted rubber wood frames.

Handy Bookends

These bookends are hella cute and would be a real unique addition to her decor…but they’re also bookends. Consider pairing these manicured hands with some books she’d like. Or a gift card to her favorite nail salon. Or a Chanel bag.

Cozy Wine Carrier Solo

A super cute merino wool wine carrier that’ll keep her bottles at a nice temp at all her BYOBs. Pairs well with her favorite bottle of wine.

Philodendron & Clean Greens Face Mask

Or if she’s more of a plant person get her a … plant! This gift set from The Sill includes a Philodendron, hand-potted in the brand’s earthenware Grant 5″ planter (you choose the color) and Golde’s Clean Greens superfood face mask, made with 100% edible superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, and mango juice.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Have you ever seen a more elegant essential-oil diffuser? Offering 3 hours of non-stop aromatherapy, this hand-crafted matte ceramic diffuser will keep her at peace while effortlessly blending into her decor.

Marbled Acacia Cheese Board

Crafted from chocolate marble and acacia wood, this cheese board would look fabulous on her Instagram story.

KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

There’s really not much to say about this piece of machinery that anyone who cooks doesn’t already know — it’s got 10 speeds to satisfy all of your mixing, kneading and whipping needs, plus there are attachments available that can turn it into a fresh pasta-making, meat-grinding godsend.

Set of Two Body Ceramic Candlesticks

Find me a sexier candlestick holder, I’ll wait.

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