This XL Camping Skillet Will Eat Your Grill for Breakfast

It's made from repurposed industrial farming equipment

September 7, 2016 9:00 am

If a skillet and a wok successfully procreated, and then that offspring got together with a propane grill and THEY made a baby, the results would likely look a lot like this.

The TemboTusk Skottle is an outdoor cooking contraption that can grill, fry, sear and sizzle meat and veggies — and pretty much anything else you wanna throw on it. Adapted for second usage from pieces of industrial farming equipment called disc harrows, the 18-inch cast-iron saucers make for a sizeable and easy-to-use outdoor cooking rig.

Just pair with a single Coleman-style gas burner, and the pre-seasoned Skottle (pronounced skō-til or skaw-til) is ready to go as soon as it’s unpacked and set up.

When assembled, the Skottle stands 28 inches tall and weighs 22 pounds (food not included), so it isn’t the easiest piece of equipment to tote around. But anyone who’s ever slaved over a hibachi (and/or run out of space on one) should appreciate the elevated pan’s height and size.

Also, similar to the way a cast-iron skillet improves with use, the non-stick cooking surface of the Skottle gets better with each grilling each session and can be further conditioned with olive oil.

A Skottle Grill Kit with everything you need and nothing you don’t goes for $275 plus shipping.

Wok this way.

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