This Swiss Sled Is How Playground Legends Are Made

Heartbreak Hill. 3 PM sharp. Be there.

December 19, 2017 9:00 am

Used to be when the first snow fell, the neighbor kids and I would pilfer garbage can lids and make for the hills.

Some of us had sleds. None of us had one of these.

sled (4 images)

The Swiss Racer is the stuff of legends, albeit perhaps a few decades too late to be any child’s Holy Grail gift (nowadays it would need to come with a drone or secretly be a vape pen). But we can still appreciate how our younger selves, and bodies, would have felt about taking this Swiss steam-bent Ash sled out for a spin. Steel skids, a durable nylon seat and a cable-rein steering mechanism — yep, that’ll do.

If anything, it’s hell of a lot more durable than a Rubbermaid lid.

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