It’s Like One of Those Bottle Openers You Hang on Your Wall

Except it splits lumber in half

By The Editors
November 15, 2016 9:00 am

We love an axe. We love a hatchet. We love pretty much anything that helps us turn wood into fire.

But we also love not going outside to split that wood when the air is so cold our bones freeze over mid-swing.

Hence why we’re adding the Stikkan Kindling Splitter to our winterly wish lists.

Invented in Norway — where it’s cold and dark for most of the year — the cast-iron Stikkan attaches to most vertical surfaces like one of those wall-mounted bottle openers. The notches let you easily and safely work your way through the wood, slicing off kindling like you were cutting paper.

Just be sure to set it high enough that it’s out of reach of the little ones. Then sit back and enjoy that fire.

But yours here.

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