The Best Way to Get a Sonos Deal? Go for Refurbished Gear.

You can save money and get the same warranty for like-new audio gear that sounds great and is easy to upgrade

An array of Sonos audio gear, which can be cheaper if you find it refurbished
Sonos audio gear can be cheaper if you find it refurbished

Sonos doesn’t throw a ton of sales, so the best chance to get a discount on this premium (but not overly pricey) home audio gear is to wait for their refurbished gear to come back in stock.

The good news? You’ll save money. The bad? This stuff goes quickly.

Don’t let “refurbished” turn you off. We’ve gone over the companies that do refurbished right before. The better tech companies can rehab used (and that’s usually gently used) devices to be as good as new, and you get the bonus of a discount and safety net of a good warranty.

Given that we love Sonos speakers — nice form, great sound, set-up takes just minutes — any discount is a welcome one. To ease your mind, Sonos guarantees comprehensive testing, “pristine” packaging, all accessories/manuals, genuine replacement parts, a one-year warranty and free shipping and returns. 

The brand was recently touting its wares as back in stock, though right now that’s limited to their (quite good!) Sonos Beam soundbar. Beam syncs with your existing TV remote, and you can also use it to stream music and more using the Sonos app, your voice and Apple AirPlay 2.

Also, like other Sonos gear, you can pair it with a Sub and/or a pair of Sonos One speakers and you’ll have the world’s easiest surround-sound set-up. (You can get a slight discount on One speakers if you buy a pair, fyi).

Sonos Beam, now on sale at Sonos
The Sonos Beam (refurbished) is now on sale

Right now the refurbished Sonos Beam (Gen 1) is $60 off. Refurbished Sonos Move and Port products are listed but currently out of stock (see, they move quickly!), though if you sign up for the Sonos newsletter you’ll be the first to know when they come back (and when the site hosts any type of sale).

If you’re not that picky about your soundbar needs, eBay is another excellent marketplace for certified refurbished audio gear — while that doesn’t include Sonos, it does mean you can get big savings on Bose, Vizio, JBL, Samsung and other worthy audio brands.

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