Solar-Powered Window Blinds? That’s a No-Brainer.

Throw shade; save money. Win win.

May 10, 2017 9:00 am

There’s room for solar in the energy debate. But do we — aka, most humans — have room for solar?

Thus far, most solutions have proven impractical for city dwellers: large roof panels may fly at your country house, but they they make it difficult for anyone living in an apartment to utilize the alternative energy source.

SolarGaps is leading the charge in the right direction.

Dubbed the “world’s first solar smart blinds,” these window covers track the sun and generate electricity, while also storing energy for your nighttime or emergency power needs.

The blinds, available in a variety of window sizes, generate up to 100 watt-hours for every square meter if mounted outside (enough to power 30 LED bulbs or three MacBooks), and 50 watt-hours if used inside. So it’s not gonna get you off the grid, but it will theoretically reduce your energy bill by up to 70 percent.

Some nice touches: The blinds integrate with Google Home and Echo, as well as Nest. An app can control when the blinds open and close, and these solar cells are 100% made in the USA.

Now, this is a Kickstarter, so the usual caveats apply. If all goes according to plan, SolarGaps will be delivered in December.

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