Deal: Save 40% On These Iconic Dr. Martens

Pete Townshend would be proud

March 19, 2021 10:44 am
1460 Doc Martens
Doc Martens

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Once upon a time, you could pick up a pair of Dr. Martens for little more than £2. A workman’s boot reserved for postmen, factory workers and the general laboring class of the UK, only football hooligans and shaven-headed youths found comfort in their jet black leather design. Then a guitarist by the name of Pete Townshend rocked a pair in 1969 in defiance of the psychedelic fashion of the era. And just like that, everyone wanted their hands on this now-iconic boot.

Though the styles have evolved and the colors have too (did someone say yellow boots?), there’s something to be said about a pair of 1460 Dr. Martens. To celebrate 60 years in business, these vegan leather Martens were made in the original Wollaston factory from all-natural materials. The leather is designed to patina over the years, and the heel is finished with the iconic gold-scripted loop. They cost a little more than £2, but you can still get your hands on a pair for 40% off while supplies last.

Dr. Martens

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