This Liquid Glass Makes Your Smartphone Pretty Much Invincible

What sorcery is this?

February 17, 2017 9:00 am

UPDATE 4/18/17: Since we wrote about this, ProtectPax has had their Indiegogo campaign delayed. 

Hey, that shiny jet black iPhone 7 you just had to have?

You’re gonna need a not-so-shiny case for that. And a screen protector. Might as well just wrap the thing in bubble wrap.

Or, you could apply a little nanotech.

Just launched on Indiegogo, ProtectPax is an invisible “liquid glass” to toughen your assorted smart screens, purportedly to ruby/sapphire levels of protection.

ProtectPax (2 images)

To use, just wipe down your screen, apply and spread a few drops of the ProtectPax, and voila — an invisible barrier that lasts for about a year without the bulk of a case or the air-bubble-annoyance of a screen protector. It also makes your device water repellant.

If you want to cringe, watch the company’s homemade videos, where they repeatedly bash, knife and hammer away at an iPhone and a Samsung with and without the ‘Pax protection.

One note: While the videos do seem to prove the effectiveness and clarity of the liquid shield, the company’s claim of “no fingerprints” is pretty easily debunked. You’ll still need to wipe these things off.

The liquid glass is available for pre-order starting $17 for a two-pack, with shipping starting in April.

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