Products of the Week: An Exclusive Le Creuset Color, South Park “Towelie” Sneakers and Away Travel Essentials

The 12 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

April 10, 2021 6:14 am
Sur la Table x Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Exclusive Colorway
Snag Le Creuset's iconic Dutch Oven in an exclusive colorway.
Sur la Table

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today:  an emerald Le Creuset color sold exclusively at Sur La Table, terry cloth “Towelie” sneakers from South Park x Adidas and new Away travel accessories that include sleep masks, neck pillows and compression socks.


Outerknown x Bruce Brown

With summer approaching there’s no better time to pick up one of these tees from Outerknown’s collaboration with Bruce Brown Films. Having previously released apparel celebrating the iconic filmmaker’s contributions to surf films, this new batch of T-shirts still pays homage to Brown’s films, featuring original artwork from his archives yet making them all the more appropriate for the warmer months ahead by rendering them in tie-dye.

Todd Snyder

FootJoy x Todd Snyder

Just in time for the Masters, Todd Snyder has teamed up with golf brand FootJoy to imagine what the sport’s most iconic players from the ’60s and ’70s would look like if they were to step onto the greens today. The collection includes the above pair of Premiere Series-Packard shoes, which are based on a classic saddle shoe and take their name from FootJoy founder Frederick Packard. Made from lightweight materials and taking advantage of the VersaTrax+ traction technology, the shoes deliver on both comfort and performance. Also included in the collection are tipped polos, sweater vests and even camo bucket hats.

Sur la Table

Le Creuset x Sur La Table Exclusive Color

If you’re looking to expand your Le Creuset collection, or you’re just getting it started, we recommend doing so with this exclusive color from the brand, made in collaboration with Sur La Table. The rich emerald shade makes the renowned French cookware all the more alluring (as if that were even possible), making for a handsome addition to one’s kitchen whether on display in a see-through cabinet or as the centerpiece of a meal.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Rolex II

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer II

It’s been 50 years since the original Explorer II was released, so it was a foregone conclusion that Rolex was going to release a new version of the luxury sports watch at this year’s Watches and Wonders trade show. What was not a foregone conclusion? That it would preserve the legacy while being an enticing piece in its own right. We think it achieves that in spades, thanks to the upgraded movement (the Rolex caliber 3285), as well as the size consistency (it stays at 42mm).


Five Two Ultimate Carbon Steel Wok

Whether you’re looking to make a stir fry or just want to whip up some scrambled eggs, Five Two’s Ultimate Carbon Steel Wok has got you covered. Featuring a wide base and tall sides, the wok allows plenty of room for sautéing and even includes a stainless steel rack so you can cook in batches or drain food, with the rack also doubling as a steamer. The carbon steel from which the wok is made is safe for high-heat cooking on the stovetop or in the oven.


Brixton & Fender

“Just what the guitar industry needs in order to seem more relevant: more dorks in fedoras.” One IH editor’s snarkiness aside, these country music-inspired hats look pretty … cool? The Highwayman Collection features classic western silhouettes with some nice details, including hidden guitar pick holders within the sweatband and an embossed metal pin and band. We’re concentrating on the head gear here, but the collaboration also includes apparel.


Q Timex 1978 Reissue Day-Date 37mm Leather Strap Watch

Apparently Timex didn’t want to be left out of the Watches and Wonders release extravaganza, so they’ve introduced yet another new timepeices in their popular Q Timex line. We’ve got the quartz movement and domed acrylic crystal that carries over throughout the watches, but this 1978 reissue features a stately cushion case and subtle dial pattern that sets it apart

Made In Bakeware
Made In

Made In Bakeware

For their foray into bakeware, Made In turned to French porcelain. Each piece of the brand’s bakeware is microwave- and oven-safe up to 650 degrees and is made from high-quality raw materials that are durable, thermal shock-resistant and non-porous. Because the bakeware is made from true porcelain, the result is a pure white color that’s then hand-painted with a subtle decoration, making for bakeware that’s just as attractive as it is durable.


South Park x adidas Campus 80s “Towelie”

Inspired by the South Park character — a genetically-engineered talking towel that likes to get high — this new purple and white sneaker really plays up the 4/20 angle, which is (no coincidence) the drop date for these terry cloth kicks. As Sneaker Files notes, the UV-sensitive material on Towelie’s eyes react to light and the eyes appear to become bloodshot.

Panerai Submersible ELAB-ID

Panerai Submersible ELAB-ID

It might sound a little oxymoronic to pay five figures for a mostly recycled watch, but Panerai has pulled off the rare eco-friendly feat of making something made out of used materials feel opulent. The new Submersible eLAB-ID, released for Watches and Wonders, features 98.6% recycled materials by weight, but the same undeniable Panerai panache.

Away Neck Pillow

Away Travel Essentials

Picture this: You’re a buzzy luggage brand, you’ve solidified yourself as a status symbol for a certain section of the younger jet set, and then a global pandemic hits and people stop flying every other week. What do you do? If you’re Away, you launch a line of accessories “for traveling or not traveling,” including sleep masks, face masks, neck pillows, blankets and compression socks. 

Gossamer Magazine

Gossamer Volume Six: The Garbage Issue

For their sixth issue, Gossamer chose the theme of “Garbage” (yes, garbage), a word that immediately evokes a certain kind of sensory experience. After enjoying the benefits of a few puffs of weed and some edibles, the team at Gossamer sought to offer a different and unexpected perspective on the topic, with the resulting issue featuring conversations with chef Sophia Roe, activist Emily Barker, designer Sarah Nsikak and writer Anand Giridharadas, as well as meditations on space junk, garbage time, houseflies and loss. You may never look at trash the same way again.

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