Products of the Week: Hirsch Whiskey, a New Nothing Phone and Sustainable Nike Trainers

The 11 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

July 15, 2023 5:35 am
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From dumb phones to Nike trainers, this is the best stuff to cross our desks (and inboxes) this week

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: Hirsch announces Single Barrel Double Oak whiskey, the Nothing Phone 2 sets a launch date and Nike’s InfinityRN 4 breaks ground as the swoosh’s newest sustainable trainer.

Nike’s just-announced Infinity RN 4 might be billed as a cutting-edge running shoe geared toward everyday runners, but just like the pros, the trainer leans into numbers. Specifically, 43% and 13% — the decrease in carbon footprint and the increased energy return, respectively, as the swoosh looks to boost performance with a smaller carbon footprint thanks to debut of the new ReactX foam. Grab a pair for more sustainable (and comfortable) miles today.

Crafted in Bardstown, Kentucky, and limited to a release of fewer than 7,100 bottles, Hirsch’s latest expression began with an eight-year bourbon that was then transferred to a second American Oak barrel to add a caramelized layer to the finished spirit. The resulting product is held together by a soft oak base that is accented by notes of honey, brown sugar, caramel, fig, and tobacco. “We saw a lot of success when we released the first Hirsch single barrel whiskey in 2021 in honor of Bourbon Heritage Month, so we knew this release had to be just as special, says Hirsch head distiller. “We take a lot of pride in presenting these special blends to our customers and whiskey enthusiasts.” At 126.4 proof, this rocket fuel is not for the faint of heart.

The second-generation flagship smartphone from Nothing has a Glyph Interface in the back, where you can assign different light and sound sequences to different contacts and notification types (e.g. a progress tracker for Uber hails). It also features a 50MP dual rear camera.

Summer and outwear aren’t two words you typically hear together, but Quince’s new, affordable two-piece collection of linen shirting and lightweight chore jackets makes the case for some serious warm weather layering. Quality is top of mind for the San Francisco-based label: both pieces come OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Just imagine someone took a Fabregé egg and somehow installed a clock inside of it. That’s quite possibly the simplest way someone could explain to you the design of the latest Ulysses Nardin UFO Clocks. The ultra-rare oval clocks can be nudged or moved and it will still sway before rotating and returning to its base, thanks to its balance wheel. The design was inspired by nautical buoys and it’s covered in a glass dome. The final iteration of this design comes in three colors, ice blue, green and champagne.

This handsome plug-and-play amp, featuring a chassis of antimagnetic aluminum, an OLED dispaly and two orange knobs to control volume and inputs options, has a hidden feature: an AI-powered playlist that’s tailored to your tastes.

A collaboration between hot sauce industry supplier Louisiana Pepper Exchange and gourmet grilling expert Justin Boudreaux, this limited-edition pepper puree relies on South America’s hard-to-find Red Limo as its heat source. A spicy chili with a berry-like flavor, the Red Limo isn’t the most powerful pepper, but it does pack enough punch to do some damage. One spoonful of this puree equates to one pepper so tread carefully when using it on the grill with meat or veggies.

Founded in 2021 by NYC-based athletes Andrew Morrill and Mike Tedesco, if you’re not already familiar with ATHLETEGY (an athlete-strategy portmanteau), you will be soon. Revolutionizing how comfortable athleisure should look, feel and fit, the brand’s new Core Collection is all about soft, unimpeded movement that’ll actually perform when you’re blowing through battle ropes or crushing back squats. Color us impressed.

Hell on Wheels — Willy Spiller
Hell on Wheels — Willy Spiller

Our latest fine art find comes in the form of “Hell On Wheels — Photographs from the New York Underground 1977-1984,” a wildly arresting and shockingly intimate collage of NYC’s gritty subway system by Swiss photographer Willy Spiller. Capturing bygone scenes of the MTA’s patronage during an era of less-than-glamorous transition, 65 color photographs document the frenetic and often cortisol-spiking everyday scenes of burly Guardian Angels and commuting straphangers in their element. It’s fascinating, grimy and totally human…and it looks excellent on the coffee table.

Roark’s latest capsule collection, Aloha From Japan, is inspired by vintage fabrics from the 1970s. They were originally printed in Japan, but they were rediscovered at the legendary Hoffman Fabrics print house in California. The collection has two distinct board shorts, two shirts and a bucket hat. The Chiller Boardshort has a tiger print motif which can also be found on the Journey shirt. The Gonzo camp collar shirt has an all-over print pink cherry blossom motif, which can also be found on the Shorey boardshorts and the bucket hat.

From Jay Shetty and wife Radhi Devlukia-Shetty (who are described as a “purpose coach and wellbing enthusiast”), this adaptogenic sparkling tea brand promises you delicious sipping and a happy mind. Each juni (that’s a small “j”) can is infused with adaptogens and nootropics and offers a zero-sugar, low-cal hit of wellness, with flavors including peach green tea, tropical green tea and more.

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