Products of the Week: Fuji Whisky, EDC and Beats Studio Buds +

The 10 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

May 20, 2023 7:01 am
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From brewers to Beats, this is the best gear and garb to cross our desks (and inboxes) this week.

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: Fuji Distilling Co releases a batch of mountainous Japanese whiskeys, Benchmade drops a new EDC in the 290BK and Beats upgrades the Studio Buds with a deluxe + model.

Adrian Brody leaning against a car in Kith clothing
Kith Summer 2023 Collection

Kith Summer 2023 Delivery 1

Kith x Jerry Seinfield blew our minds. Then Kith x Bryan Cranston blew our minds all over again. And just when we were picking up the pieces of our frontal cortex, the Ronnie Fieg vehicle has to go and drop and Adrien Brody-modeled Summer 2023 capsule so fire we can scarcely believe it. Crochet polos, Gi-style cardigans and a variety of Adidas footwear collabs are only a fraction of what Delivery 1 has to offer. We’d suggest you head over and start shopping now before it all sells out.

a pair of Beats Studio Buds + on a grey background
Beats Studio Buds +

Beats Studio Buds +

The Beats Studio Buds + are to the classic Studio Buds what the Apple iPhone 14 Pro is to the regular iPhone 14 — a beefy, battery-heavy (36 hours) version that delivers balanced sound quality, better active noise canceling and 3x larger internal mics. Do you need the upgrade? Jury’s out, but it’s hard to pass up on the futuristic buds, especially in a translucent colorway.

a runner in the desert holding a pair of the white Satisfy Crocs
Satisfy Crocs

Satisfy Crocs

Did we see French running boutique Satisfy teaming up with Crocs for an ATV-style collared clog that costs $110? Alas, our powers of prediction aren’t that strong. However, our ability to act is just fine, which is why we already have a pair in our cart. What the hell are you doing?

a Balmuda The Brew coffee maker on a marble counter
Balmuda The Brew

Balmuda The Brew

You might not realize it at first glance, but Tokyo-based BALMUDA isn’t a coffee-specific company. Far from it, actually — the design brand, founded in 2003, has long dabbled in visual and audio tech, but The Brew marks their first foray into the world of beans. This is not to suggest that the sleek pour-over coffee maker isn’t up to snuff: precise temperature control, accurate drip in units of 0.2㎖, and a new concept of “bypass pouring” are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the small but powerful brewer can do.

a Made In Griddle System with eggs and bacon over an open flame outside
Made In Griddle System

Made In Griddle System

Last year, Made In expanded their carbon steel offerings by adding a sleek, double-handled griddle. It’s a fun design, but it’s also just a griddle: nothing to write home about. The recently revamped Griddle System is worth a little more attention. Now, the cookware company is offering three different griddle designs: the classic solid griddle, a hole-punched griddle for open-flame cooking and a fun half-and-half model (half solid, half porous). If you’re interested in taking the meal prep out of the kitchen to a bed of coals or blazing fire, there’s also a set of stands that’ll elevate the griddle above your heat source (with two notches so you can raise or lower it). There are also a few accessories, including a lid and grill press, and various bundles you can buy. Consider this your invitation to cook more adventurously this summer.

a bottle of FUJI Japanese Whiskey in a grassy field
FUJI Japanese Whisky

FUJI Japanese Whisky

A single-site blended, 100% Japanese whisky inspired by the terroir of the Mt. Fuji area, FUJI Japanese Whisky is produced with snowmelt water from Japan’s iconic mountain and aged for an average of eight years in 100% American white oak barrels. Clocking in at 86 proof, FUJI Japanese Whisky has an aroma that’s reminiscent of oatmeal cookies that’s complemented by the flavors of pear, apricot and grapes as well as a long, silky finish.

two models wearing clothes from the Frescobol Carioca x Matches collection
Frescobol Carioca x Matches
Frescobol Carioca

Frescobol Carioca x Matches

We are not saying that Frescobol Carioca’s latest capsule with U.K.-based retailer Matches Fashion is the only thing that we’ll be wearing this summer. But we’re also admittedly smitten with the 14-piece capsule, especially the lightweight linen suiting; it’s cut just the way we want, relaxed yet refined in luxe Italian linen. Shop it for yourself below (we certainly will be) — you really can’t go wrong with any of the summer-ready pieces.

a SWAY Minioke machine on a wooden table
SWAY Minioke

SWAY Minioke

The karaoke-obsessed shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion or feel confined to the parlor to belt their lungs out. Just in time for summer, Sway dropped their Portable Karaoke Speaker with Wireless Microphone so you can sing in the park, at a rooftop party or on the beach. It even doubles as a regular ol’ bluetooth speaker for those times you’d rather be entertained than entertain.

a Benchmade 290BK Full Immunity on a grey background
Benchmade 290BK Full Immunity

Benchmade 290BK Full Immunity

Ask any EDC freak what the best daily knife is, and chances are, you’ll get more than a few Benchmade responses. The steel goods retailer is back with a new design, specifically created for ease of concealment and compact utility, and she’s glorious. A sub-2.5-inch CPM-M4 blade with a Cobalt Black Cerakote finish atop anodized Crater Blue aluminum handle scales is all the obsessive in us could dream of.

a photo of Molly Baz for Crate and Barrel in a kitchen
Molly Baz for Crate and Barrel
Crate & Barrel

Molly Baz for Crate & Barrel

Although it’s technically old news ( the capsule dropped last week), internet-famous chef Molly Baz’s Crate and Barrel collection is so fun we had to include it. The soft wood and primary colors are totally on-brand for Baz’s wholesome kitchen aesthetic and a variety of idiosyncratic pieces (can you say spinning double-decker fruit tray?) offer a whole new cooking experience for even the most seasoned of home chefs. (All that said, we’re still Team Alison, thank you very much.)

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