Products of the Week: Mushroom Chocolates, Shinola Eyewear and Ricoh GR III

The 10 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

April 22, 2023 7:33 am
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From a compact camera to mushroom chocolates, this is the best gear and garb to cross our desks (and inboxes) this week.

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of it. Today: Alice delivers a mushroom-infused chocy treat, Shinola drops Flexiron eyewear just in time for summer and the long-awaited Ricoh GR III Diary Edition is announced.

a collage of three sunglasses from shinola on a grey background
Shinola Eyewear

Shinola Arrow Rectangular and Runwell Square Sunglasses

Shinola has built a reputation for making leather goods alongside its watches, but did you know they dabble in eyewear, too? It’s the time of year when sunglasses need to be a part of your daily ensemble, so if you’re not happy with the options you have in your junk drawer, Shinola has two new styles to choose from: a classic take on their Arrow design for those interested in a sportier option, as well as a Clubmaster-adjacent Runwell model if you like your sunnies to make more of a statement.

a white and a black tin of Alice Mushroom Chocolates on a grassy background
Alice Mushroom Chocolates

Alice Mushroom Chocolates

If you, like us, have listened to a random podcast episode one time and are now fully convinced that microdosing is the only way you’re ever going to a happy, purpose-driven life, you’re in for a wild ride. DTC mushroom chocolate (this is not a drill) brand Alice has you covered with two distinct all-natural cocoa bites designed to…boost your chi, or something. We haven’t actually figured out what they do (although you can read all about it here) because we’ve been too busy texting our cool friends that we’re embarking on a type of journey.

a model wearing the Tito's Walk-Pack and playing with dogs
Tito’s Walk-Pack

Tito’s Walk-Pack

Your daily dog-walking duties just got boozier. Popular vodka brand, Tito’s, just launched a custom-made, fanny pack-style belt bag that makes getting lit on the go a breeze. The bag includes four pockets, one to hold a Yeti Rambler Lowball and three mini Tito’s bottles — sold sep, unfortunately. Still, the new accessory is putting our other favorite belt bag to shame

a model in a white Bugatchi overshirt against a leafy background
Bugatchi Spring/Summer 2023

Bugatchi Spring/Summer 2023

It’s no surprise that Bugatchi’s Spring/Summer collection feels at once tactfully timeless and impossibly on-trend: the Canadian-founded menswear brand has been straddling the line between clean basics and drippy statement pieces for some seasons now. The floral linens and luxe OoohCotton (Bugatchi’s special blend of eight-way stretch cotton) shirts that pocket the capsule are exactly what we’ll be wearing all summer long…how about you?

a pink-colored Le Crueset Dutch Ocen on a marble table
Le Creuset Shallot Collection
Le Creuset

Le Creuset Shallot Collection

We here at InsideHook like to believe we contain multitudes. We’ll freely admit that the fanfare around the reveal of Le Creuset’s new color is completely ridiculous, but at the same time we also want to swap out our entire enameled cast iron collection for a full-blown Shallot refresh. We’re on Team Shallot! 

a black-faced silver Rowing Blazer x Tudor watch on a grey background
Tudor Black Bay 58 x Rowing Blazers
Rowing Blazer

Tudor Black Bay 58 x Rowing Blazers

The modern prepsters at Rowing Blazers have found a niche even more lucrative than their eccentric rugby shirts: watch collaborations. After partnerships with Zodiac and Seiko proved to be massive hits, they apparently decided to swing for the fences with an even more consequential collab. We got an email on Monday about “an extremely limited” Tudor Black Bay 58 featuring a Rowing Blazers logo (specifically a hot pink “Neon Noir” version) at 6 o’clock. Fewer than 100 were made. So how do you get one of these bad boys? You don’t. According to the PR firm that made the announcement, “[the watches] have been reserved for RB friends and family only.” There’s no product page, no way to get on a waitlist for a future release, no hope of you or us getting one of these at all. In other words, they just wanted to shove it in our face. But here’s a photo of what none of us will be wearing anytime soon.

a model holding a Ricoh camera
Ricoh GR III Dairy Edition

Ricoh GR III Diary Edition Digital Camera

35mm too intense for your photographic sensibilities? You’ll be stoked to find out that Ricoh is finally releasing a new GR, arguably one of the best value-proposition pocket cameras currently on the market. Dubbed the GR III Diary Edition, this model supports dizzying quality and insane specs for its pint-sized portability. Grab one and finally make the summer scrapbook of your dreams.

two models wearing the Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 3
Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 3

Hoka Ora 3 Recovery Slide

Hoka quietly released their newest iteration of the ORA recovery slide, and we must say, we simply cannot wait to slip our dogs into the high-piled foam sandals. With marked improvements on the OG design — air vents for increased breathability, better treads and a more sustainably minded build — there’s no reason not to cop up for the summer ahead.

a folded out container of Japanese Whiskey
Dekanta Karuizawa Acclaim Collection

Dekantā Karuizawa Acclaim Collection

We aren’t exactly sure what to make of the Karuizawa collection. On the one hand, we’re all for samurai and whiskey, but on the other hand, we’d have to do some serious couch digging to scrounge up 50 big ones. Oh well: we can still dream about the which “showcases the very essence of Japanese culture by combining fine art, beautiful craftsmanship and rare whisky to create a collection that is unlike anything that has come before.”

a model wearing a OOTD x Woolrich jacket hanging around a horse
One of These Days For Woolrich Long Way Home Collection
One of These Days

One of These Days for Woolrich Long Way Home Collection

The second chapter in an ongoing partnership between Matthew McCormick-founded western label One of These Days and Americana stalwarts Woolrich, the Long Way Home Collection is, in a word, a total banger. Chock full of horse motifs, hardwearing staples and venerable art pieces, the 8-piece range features tees, jackets and even artesian blankets perfect for every urban cowboy’s humble abode. Giddyup!

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