Products of the Week: Foldable Phones, CBD Inhalers and a New Outdoor Voices Capsule

The 13 best pieces of garb and gear that crossed our desks this week

October 5, 2019 5:00 am
The Intramural Capsule by Outdoor Voices (howdy)
The Intramural Capsule by Outdoor Voices (howdy)

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Each week, our inbox runneth over with news of gear, apparel and tech releases from around the world. In this feature, we’ll parse through the best of them. Today: a foldable phone from Microsoft, a new collection of Levi’s jean jackets and an Outdoor Voices capsule for your intramural soccer team.

Mission Workshop The Grandmaster II

The perfect companion for a morning jog or watching football on the couch, the Grandmaster II is made from stretchy fleece that’s smooth on the outside and plush on the interior. Ingrained with enough cotton to be comfortable against your skin, the guaranteed-for-life Grandmaster II could be the last hoodie you ever need to buy.

The Omaha Collection

Like other Shinola watches, but rectangular. And with a nifty small seconds dial above the 6 o’clock marker. The Omaha comes in at an elegant, damn-near old-timey 26mm x 35mm, making it a perfectly tasteful, understated timepiece that’ll work in lots of different situations. And the caseback can be engraved.

The North Face FUTURELIGHT™ Collection

For 400 straight days, 15 members of The North Face’s global athlete team — comprised of alpinists, snow boarders and trail runners, among others — tested products using the outerwear brand’s newest fabric, a semi-permeable nano-spun weave called FUTURELIGHT. Now The North Face has released a collection of jackets, gloves and even a tent that’s made of the fabric. Completely water-proof and 90% sustainable, FUTURELIGHT products might cost a pretty penny — but totally justifiable.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Nope, we’re still not finished with the foldable phone idea. On Wednesday, Microsoft surprisingly unveiled a new folding phone, called the Surface Duo, that features two 5.6-inch screens and folds in the middle, like one of those book things. Along with the Duo, Microsoft also announced new laptops, a duel-screen tablet and the brand’s first ever pair of wireless headphones. Unfortunately, the Surface Duo isn’t set to go on sale until the 2020 holiday season, so you’ll just have to deal with your boring ass one screen phone for now.

Filson C.C.F. Workwear

Filson decided to combine its wealth of outdoor-gear knowledge and aesthetic know-how to do both without sacrificing on either end. In other words, make workwear that’s also stylish. The collection includes garments ranging from insulated cotton canvas duck coveralls to beefy hoodies with neon lettering. The former will suit any blustery, cold-weather work environment, the latter as a trusty base layer or when you’re tinkering around in the garage (and it wouldn’t look out of place at a Kanye release show, either).


Bansky Gross Domestic Product

In order to protect his brand against an unnamed greeting card company trying to sue him for his name, the mysterious artist Banksy is opening up his own merchandise shop, with items selling for as little as twelve dollars. Banksy unveiled a pop-up shop installation in Croydon, UK, to announce the merchandise range, which will consist of homeware items. However, the pop-up shop is just for show, and you’ll only be able to purchase the items online, assuming whenever Banksy decides to make the site live.

Adidas Originals x Gore-Tex Infinium Stan Smith

You can now wear your Stan Smiths all winter long, thanks to Gore-Tex’s new Infinium Thermium insulation. Adidas Originals slipped the cold-weather lining into the toebox in this new release so you get all the best of both worlds: Gore-Tex protection and classic tennis-shoe styling.

Aclim8 Combar Heavy-Duty Multitool

We never thought we’d see this day. Aclim8 and its axe-hammer-spade-knife multitool started out on Kickstarter, raised over $237K, then moved to Indiegogo where they were shut down for violating the crowdfunding platform’s weapons policy. But now, over a year later, these bonkers survival tools are actually available — and on Amazon, no less.

Well Beings Calm CBD Nano Mist Inhaler

Yes, they’ve done it, they’ve made a CBD inhaler. Well Beings is focusing on administrating good, chill vibes wherever and whenever you need them. And honestly what better way to do that than with a portable, inconspicuous inhaler.

Outdoor Voices The Intramural Capsule

We’ve touted the workout gear of Outdoor Voices plenty of times, but this new collection came way out of left field — and we’ll take one of everything. It’s billed as “your ideal uniform for team sports” and includes shorts, long-sleeves and T-Shirts. Sounds simple. But all the shirts include a graphic of a soccer ball wearing a cowboy hat (yeehaw) and for every pair of the “Solar Panel Shorts” sold the company will offset a month’s worth of your CO2 emissions. Really.

Plagued by Fire: The Dreams and Furies of Frank Lloyd Wright

Just when you thought we’d run out of steam on Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Hendrickson comes through with a fascinating new biography (he previously wrote an acclaimed one about Hemingway). “About Wright’s architecture, Hendrickson offers little insight, none of it original. His mission, rather, is to re-evaluate Wright as a person,” writes The New York Times Book Review. And if you don’t know anything about Wright as a person, buckle up.

Mission Workshop The Khyte

Made to survive whatever weather Mother Nature can throw at you, Mission Workshop’s weatherproof new messenger bag is suited for work, play or surviving the nuclear holocaust. Made by hand in small batches in the U.S., the Khyte, like all MW products, is guaranteed for life. Also, if you order by 10/10 you’ll get $160 worth of high-quality add-ons including an Arkiv tech case and a deluxe messenger strap (no code required).

Levi’s Jacquard By Google

Levi’s has been partnering with Google for a while now on the Jacquard collection, attempting to combine timeless denim jackets with the latest technology. Their latest release includes four jackets (one with sherpa lining!) each featuring the integrated (but removable for washing) Jacquard Tag that connects to your smartphone and lets you control it via an interactive cuff.

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