Two-Man Canoe Folds Into a Suitcase for Quick Getaways

Take that, Noah

July 28, 2016 9:00 am

You know that guy Noah? With the ark?

No one ever talks about how lucky he was. Dude had an omniscient being on speed dial who told him a flood was coming enough days in advance that he was able to build a giant wooden ship.

Most of us will never be so lucky. Which is why it pays to have a getaway boat. And no boat gets away quicker than ONAK, the “origami foldable canoe.”

Now on Kickstarter (and already funded), ONAK is a two-man, 15-foot vessel that weighs just 27 pounds. And when it’s not in use, it folds up into a wheeled case measuring 16″ x 48″ x 10″ … or about the size of a large checked bag.

The boat can withstand up to 550 pounds of passenger, and it’s made from a proprietary, patent-pending material that’s stiff, strong and 100% recyclable.

You’ve got three more days to pick one up for the preorder price of $1,100, and they ship to anywhere in the world.

Your move, Mr. Noah.

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