Can a ‘Smart Pillow’ Actually Help You Sleep Better?

Moona convincingly replicates the cool side of the pillow

September 15, 2017 9:00 am

The business of sleep is booming in America.

File under “you always want what you can’t have.”

The latest piece of tech promising a better night’s rest?

Moona,  a new smart sleep system that’s tech-forward, unobtrusive and works with any bed or sleeping arrangement you can dream up.

Oh, and most importantly: it’s cool. As in, temp-wise: it consists of a cooling memory foam pad, an app and a bedside device that looks a lot like a Sonos speaker.

The foam pad is connected to a water tube that circulates H20 to gently regulate your head and neck temperature throughout the night — around 77-79 degrees to put you into a deep sleep, and up to 89 degrees to trigger you awake.

Moona (4 images)

Why? Because more than light or an annoying bedside partner, temperature is going to affect your sleep patterns the most.

The bedside device and app also track other sleep analytics (light levels, humidity, room temp, your circadian rhythm) and figure out what temps are the most comfortable for you and adjust accordingly.

Why just the head and neck? “It’s the most efficient way” to cool you down, notes co-founder Coline Juin. In price as well: the like-minded but much larger ChiliPad, for instance, is almost twice Moona’s price. (Oh, and unlike larger cooling systems, your cool pillow isn’t going to affect the person next to you.)

While Moona used 200+ users in beta testing over a number of weeks, our non-scientific office test did prove a few things: our pillow quickly (but not abruptly) cooled down and heated up. It made almost zero noise. And even as a known tosser and turner, the water circulation tube never got in our way — the only thing you can’t do is flip the pillow over, which you’re only doing because of temperature sensitivity anyway (the device will also come with a clamping system so you don’t knock anything over or out).

Early bird pricing for the crowdfunding campaign now start at $249 (retail value $399), with a delivery scheduled for summer 2018.

Until then, sleep tight.

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