This Button-Pushing Gizmo Makes All Your Dumb Devices Smart

Alexa who?

October 23, 2017 9:00 am

Given that most of your devices and appliances weren’t built with Alexa, Hue or any other smart device in mind, Prota’s Microbot Push hopes to give you a hand … well, a finger … prepping your home for the 21st century.

Microbot (4 images)

Microbot is a wireless robotic “finger” that acts in tandem with a hub and a phone app. It’s literally a button pusher you can use on older, analog devices and switches. Now, you’ll be able to flick on and off light switches, coffee makers, garage doors, fans, air conditioners or (if Amazon comments hold true) toilets and Roombas using a single button push on your smartphone, or schedule a time to do so.

You can even have Microbot perform IFTTT functions, such as “when I enter a room turn on my computer.”

Microbot is available now for $50.

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