Here Are All the Things Men Are Afraid Sex Robots Will Do to Them

What if she cheats on me?' — multiple actual men

September 5, 2017 9:00 am

Ah, sex robots.

Actual machines you’ll actually have to start worrying about sooner rather than later.

With your future bedroom antics in mind, London-based adult star and blogger Harriet Sugarcookie (not real name) recently surveyed 500 men on their biggest AI-related sex fears.

Responding to the query “What scares you most about Future Sex with robots?”, a majority (53%) were rightly concerned with the unsexy but very real issue of hacking and data privacy.

From there, 26% of men listed “I’m afraid she would be unhappy” as their number one concern. “It’s the sweetest possible thing to be afraid of,” notes Sugarcookie. “It’s fascinating that so many people care so much about a machine’s well-being.”

After that, 24% of respondents thought the sex robots would rebel and hurt their sex masters (or others), while only 10% were worried this would become some sort of Her-like situation and they’d fall in love with their, uh, love machine.

Other concerns: Cheating by the robot (16%), theft (10%) and hygiene (9%).

Our take on the future? Maybe think about the hygiene part a little more.

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