Nike Shoebox Safe Is the Sneakiest Way to Store Your Valuables

No, it’s not made out of cardboard

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

The American sneaker market is cutthroat, and, at times, deadly

You only have to look at the secondary market to see why a fresh pair of kicks will make a man watch where he steps.

In that very same spirit, Mandem just unveiled a new prototype safe box that looks like an exact replica of a Nike shoebox. The safe is not, of course, an actual shoe box, but instead a recreation of one featuring 5mm steel interior, cam lock and pre-hole drills at the base so you can secure it to the floor.

Keep it out in the open and no will think twice about it.

Unless they’re Jordan-obsessed sneaker freaks.

Best you hide this safe away from them altogether.  

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