Here’s a Flashlight You Can Fight Bears With

In case you needed one.

By The Editors
October 25, 2016 9:00 am

A fine addition to any man’s emergency preparedness kit, camping bag or just his home toolbox, Kootek’s Self Defense Flashlight is a stealthy three-in-one flashlight, knife and hammer.

The likelihood of an incident where you’ll utilize all three? Low. But a man should have options.

As a flashlight, this thing is ace — all thanks to its three-mode rechargeable and waterproof LED light that shines at 800 lumens. But look to the other end and it gets better: a tactical aluminum alloy 3.5” blade that can be attached to end. Or, attach the attack hammer bit and you’ve got a solid way out of any situation.

And seeing it’s only priced at $20, we see no reason for you to be taken off guard ever again.

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