This Brave Little Robot Will Do Your Yard Work for You

What should we name him?

October 14, 2016 9:00 am

For some, the arrival of fall means it’s time to head to the nearest park and peep the changing foliage.

For others, the onset of the season signifies it’s time to go somewhere less pretty: the garage, for a rake.

Along with cutting grass and shoveling snow, raking leaves is one of the prices homeowners have to pay (arguably worse than property tax) for having a yard to relax in — up until now at least.

After all, it is 2016, so there’s a robot for that.

A fully autonomous robot that is capable of working all year long, Kobi can pick up leaves, cut and mulch lawns and remove snow while using its GPS and safety sensors to avoid obstacles.

With a top speed of 2 MPH, Kobi can be communicated with wirelessly, and relies on the weather forecast to make decisions and runs on a lithium ion battery that charges at a docking station.

Pricing for the little guy starts at $4,000 and, for prospective buyers who are worried about a rogue gardener pinching their little landscaper, rest assured that Kobi comes wired with an anti-theft system that can send out an alarm if necessary.

Look at him go:

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