You Can Now Buy a Personal Jetpack

Disclaimer: There are a few *minor* requirements

November 11, 2016 9:00 am

Good news: Your personal jetpack is here.

Bad news: That “your” part comes with a lot of qualifiers. And a potentially huge cost.

JetPack Aviation just announced the world’s first commercially available jetpack, but it’s only interested in selling to “well-qualified buyers.” According to New Atlas, those TBD buyers can snag a JB-10 for preorder now and have it ready in April/May of next year.

No price has been listed — which doesn’t bode well for your pocketbook. The company is reportedly using more than price to determine its initial audience though (read: no daredevils). Two ways around this: You can invest directly in the company, which should shorten the line. And any plebe can win a jetpack flight (and dinner with JetPack’s founders) through an online contest.

The JB-10 reportedly can reach heights of 10,000 feet and travel over 100 MPH. It can run for about 10 minutes on a full tank (we don’t recommend playing chicken with the fuel gauge). Last year it flew around the Statue of Liberty.

For a preview of what owners are in for, check out this footage of JetPack CEO David Mayman flying the JB10 in Monaco in October:

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