You Can Order the iPhone 12 Right Now, But It’s Missing Two Important Components

Apple isn't including earbuds or a charger; here are some replacements.

Apple earbuds
Apple is not including earbuds or wall chargers with the iPhone 12
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You can officially order your new iPhone 12, but it’ll be missing two things: Earphones and a wall charger.

Apple is trying to sell this as a feature, not a bug: They say they’re saving the environment with less packaging (except in France, where they have to include the earbuds). But some think this initiative will lead to more e-waste, as the included Lightning-to-USB-C cable won’t work with your older power brick so you’re gonna end up buying new products anyway.

We won’t get into the argument — our thought is that by not including the two items, Apple could keep the prices of the new iPhones at a modest $699+ — but instead offer you better solutions.

  1. Go to Apple’s official store and pick up what you need, as those white earpods are now $10 cheaper and a 20W USB-C power adapter just launched at only $19.
  2. Buy something better from another brand.

We’re gonna ignore the wireless charging options for now and pick two items that resemble the Apple products you’re used to.

Anker wall plug

If you want a USB-C charging brick, Anker’s 20W variation is tiny (50% smaller than the average 18W charger) but quick. It’s $20 now, but these tend to go on sale every other week. And a more robust, two-port version with a foldable plug is $26.

And those white earbuds? Amazon’s got the official Apple ones — both with the 3.5 plug (you’ll need an adapter) and the built-in Lightning connector at under $20, with free one-day shipping for Prime members.

Marshall earbuds

But if you want a wired headset with a cool look, Marshall’s Mode EQ In-Ear Headphones offer a retro, black ‘n brass vibe with great sound. They’re currently 29% off, but you’ll want to use your savings on a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter.

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