InsideCart: What Our Editors Bought in October

Including cocktail kits, cowboy knits, clarifying skincare and more

November 3, 2023 10:33 am
a collage of items that InsideHook editors bought in October
These are the goods that InsideHook editors shopped for last month.

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Welcome to InsideCart, your sneak peek into what we, the discerning and ultra-picky editors of InsideHook, are adding to our own shopping carts each month. Consider it your monthly insight into all things cutting-edge (or charmingly vintage) from your favorite cohort of taste-making product freaks. This month: cocktail-making kits just in time for the holidays, rodeo-ready knitwear, clearing body wash and more.

Paolo Sandoval — Commerce Editor

I will be the first to admit that descriptors in the cowboy family — rugged, rough-and-tumble, wild — don’t do much to capture my general vibe. The closest I’ve ever gotten to ranchhand was accidentally lassoing up a partner who turned out to be a bona fide horsegirl. That being said, I’m still admittedly smitten with the massive crop of westernwear 2023 has delivered, and I had to pull the trigger on this shaggy wool-blend knit from Americana gurus One of These Days when it dropped earlier this month. It’s perfectly floppy, and unlike my pair of thrifted Lucchese boots, I won’t have to explain that it’s “just for fun”.

Lindsay Rogers — Associate Travel Editor

Barring a few unseasonably warm days, it’s finally fall proper in the northeast, which most people are generally pretty happy about — save for my perpetually cold mini dachshund, Link, who has now taken to refusing to go outside. Luckily, at a coworker’s admonition, I snagged one of these Little Beast Fleece shirts for both Link and his exponentially braver little dachshund brother (because solidarity) and we’ve since done a total 180 in my household. Not only is Link now keen to venture out into the arctic 60-degree streets of New York, our walks are now succeeded by a routine in which I am forced to chase him around the apartment to get him out of his Little Beast fleece. He loves it, and I love to look at him in it because it’s hilarious.

Kirk Miller — Senior Lifestyle Editor

I’m cheating here, as I have yet to purchase this colorful cocktail-making set (in my defense, it only came out this week). But as a fan of both Material — crafters of design-forward kitchenwares — and the iconic drinks joint Death & Co., I’m going to talk about this before it arrives in my house and sets up front and center on my home bar. First, this set comes with an eye-catching and colorful pitcher that’s also lightweight and durable. Plus, everything here is both aesthetically pleasing and uniquely functional. The jigger is rippled with markings for measurements, and the mixing spoon is dual-sided, so you can mix, muddle and crack ice. Your stirred drinks deserve this. 

Amanda Gabriele — Senior Editor

I got very into Artie Shaw this month, listening to “Nightmare” on repeat for much of October. While that song isn’t on this album, which I found at Philly’s excellent Repo Records, it’s still been making all of my early 1940s clarinet jazz dreams come true. Fun fact: also in 1940, Artie Shaw and Lana Turner eloped to Las Vegas, shortly after “quarreling through the one movie they made together.” They divorced about six months later. The drama!

Alex Lauer — Features Editor

I’m usually not a fan of fashion gimmicks. Barbie-core? Modern cowboys inspired by Yellowstone? Those Big Red Boots? No thanks. I’d rather buy pieces I can actually wear a year from now without feeling embarrassed. But then I got an email from Duluth Trading Co. about a lil’ ensemble they dreamed up called the “Midwest Tuxedo.” A play on the denim-on-denim look, their version pairs the brand’s Fire Hose trucker jacket and Fire Hose pants for a brown-on-brown getup that, after trying it myself, is not only the best gimmick I’ve come across in a long while (maybe ever?), but exactly what I want to be wearing all fall and winter. Their proprietary Fire Hose fabric is a beefy cotton canvas that sits solidly in workwear territory, but Duluth’s detailing makes both items worthy of everyday wear. (As evidenced by my every-other-day rotation.) Also, while there are a number of fits and styles available for the pants, I like the Foreman style for the back leg pocket, and the Relaxed Fit after finally moving on from years of too-slim pants. The Midwest Tuxedo may not catch on around the country, but you should consider it for your personal wardrobe. 

Elisabeth Chambry — Director of Commerce and Partnerships

I’ve tried No Days Wasted’s DHM detox capsules, a blend of DHM and other antioxidants, a few times over the last couple of weeks, and I’m pretty close to convinced that they’re the real deal. I typically experience the usual nausea and headache symptoms after a big night of drinking, but these little guys have helped noticeably reduce how shitty the first few hours of my hangover are (even before a BEC).

Evan Bleier — Senior Editor

When it comes to our beds, we often spend so much time trying to get the most comfortable custom mattress, the softest sheets and the coolest comforter that we forget about what could be the most important piece of bedding equipment: the pillow. Amerisleep’s Dual Comfort pillow is easy to remember as its made from a material that’s more breathable and responsive than memory foam that also keeps you as cool as the other side of the, well, you know. Speaking of sides, one is firmer than the other so you can choose which one works best for you depending on if you sleep on your back or side.

Logan Mahan — Commerce Editor

I may have bought my new favorite pair of jeans a couple of weeks ago during an insane Madewell sale (unfortunately that sale is no longer running.) The vintage-inspired pant is quite comfortable and features a stylish wide-leg cut and a very flattering high fitted waist. I’d recommend picking a pair up for the lady in your life. The holidays are approaching, you know.

Zoe de Leon — Editorial Fellow

We’re all about the sexy time over here, and nothing’s sexier than lube. I think lube gets a bad reputation because it’s more often than not the cheap shit picked up at a greasy bodega, all tacky in both feel and packaging. Hims makes some chic lube. I’m a fan of the packaging not only since the sleek black container doesn’t make it embarrassing to have laying around but the neat pump also squeezes out the goop so nicely. And that stuff is luxe — cool to the touch, not at all oily and easy to clean up.

Tanner Garrity — Senior Editor

No shade to other men’s grooming companies, but I’m not trying to smell like “Bourbon Barrel Tobacco” every day of the week. Baxter of California’s body wash leans into more easygoing scents like citrus, pomegranate and Italian lime, and sources silky ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin C and jojoba oil. It smells awesome and feels great on the skin. (I also love the blue bottle.) How long will it last? I purchased mine in early August and it’s still going, so it’s worth the hefty tag, in my opinion.

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