If NASA Designed a Smartphone, It’d Look Like This

The multi-screen, AI-powered HubblePhone can even read lips

August 14, 2018 9:00 am

Your iPhone  is about to look pretty dumb. Even from a long, long distance.

“Inspired” by the Hubble Space Telescope and astronomer Edwin Hubble, the just-announced HubblePhone K3-XR from Turing Space Industries features a 15x optical zoom camera, multiple screens and a rather advanced AI at its core. 

Designed by Paavo Pietola — a major part of the teams behind the Nokia 3010 and Ericsson T66 (the smallest phone at the time of its release) — the 5G Hubble clamshell features a curved 11.81” screen that extends up, down and around the titanium aluminide frame. A liquid metal hinge connects to an additional two-screen camera, which hosts its own dedicated processor.

The phone is also dust- and waterproof, comes with built-in active noise cancellation, and can be controlled by voice or, thanks to some extremely advanced AI, lip reading.

Plus, it’s packed with enough AR, VR, MR and other future tech that it’ll double as an extremely versatile and powerful gaming console.

Another interesting perk: an Artificial Reality (AfR) messaging app where you can send 3D animated messages (yes, multidimensonal selfies) that are “projected onto the recipient’s immediate physical surroundings.” Which sounds ominous, but cool. 

Oh, and some old-school, tactile perks: a scroll wheel and programmable button on the side.

The HubblePhone will be available in early 2020 for $2,749.

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