Deal: This Suitcase Is a Carry-On and Garment Bag in One, Also $190 Off

The perfect luggage for restarting travel doesn’t exi—

A Garment Luggage Carry-On from Hook & Albert opened to show a suit
Ever seen a suitcase do this?
Hook & Albert

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We must admit, we love a weekender bag. There’s something about slinging a well-made duffel over your shoulder that evokes the heyday of air travel, even if you’re decked out in athleisure in coach (no judgement!). And if you’re carrying a suit, it’s hard to beat Hook & Albert’s Garment Weekender, a subtly innovative piece of luggage we’ve recommended many times before.

On the other hand, sometimes you just need the convenience of a rolling bag. If that’s the case, Hook & Albert has the Garment Luggage Carry-On, which is currently on sale for $190 off. We would have recommended it at full-price as the perfect bag to kickstart your post-vaccination travels, and with this discount it becomes a no-brainer.

What you’re looking at here is a suitcase with an integrated garment bag. You’ll unzip the carry-on which reveals the garment enclosure, lay your suit flat and zip it in, then pack the rest of your clothes and shoes in and wrap the garment bag around those so you get to your destination without any creasage.

Travel restart here we come.


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