Deal: Hill City Activewear Is Now 40% Off Sitewide

Stock up on everything from shorts to fleece while you still can

hill city shorts
Hill City shorts, shirts, socks, jackets, pants and more are 40% off and up.
Hill City

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We’re currently experiencing a mixed bag of emotions about Hill City. On the one hand, we’ve tested and loved plenty of their activewear in the past, but this summer we got the bad news that they’re closing up shop. On the bright side, they offered 30% off sitewide, but that came with the expiration date of January 2021, when they’d reportedly shut down for good.

Now, they’re offering an even bigger discount, which we’re counting as good news: Hill City is now taking 40% off all of their gear sitewide. Yes, that includes clothing that’s already on sale.

You can treat this as the best chance to restock your workout reserves, whether you’re looking for some new long sleeves for the colder months or a pair or two of running pants. Even if you’re all set in that department, Hill City also deals in casual attire, like fleece shirt jackets and those athletic chinos you’ve heard so much about. All we’re saying is, if you haven’t checked out this sale yet, the increased 40% discount gives you more than enough reason to do so.

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