Here’s Why Audiophiles Are Clamoring For This $45K Record Player

The Procession Turntable is entry-level audiophile goodness

Does beauty truly lie in the eye of the beholder?

If so, does it therefore reside in the ear of the listener?

This record player easily answers both queries — but not without heavy coinage.

With a price of $45k, the Walker Procession Turntable costs more than the average in-state college education, yet it’s still only the “little brother” to the audiophile-only design firm’s flagship item, the Proscenium Black Diamond V Turntable.

The friction-free Black Diamond features an air-bearing platter, arm and spindle, an oil-free air supply and a “specially-treated, fine-grained crystalline material” that eliminates interference and static on all levels. Meant to be the “most accurate, realistic-sounding turntable ever made,” the $110k Black Diamond took home the 2015 Absolute Sound Editor’s Choice Award and prompted the creation of the more affordable Procession table.

That stunning piece features a remote-controlled vertical tracking angle (VTA) system that can adjust the player’s arm with the touch of a button, a Swiss-made precision motor and a high-mass platter made from the thermoplastic Delrin that rises like a wedding cake during playback.

The company believes the “magic is in the details” and spares no expense while making world-class products that will enhance the “listening and viewing experience” for customers. It shows.

If you take the plunge and and want speakers to pair with the player, we have a suggestion and an investment strategy to pay for it.

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