If You Hit the Trail Without a German-Engineered 1.6-lb. Backpack …

... you're doing it wrong.

November 15, 2016 9:00 am

When you’re on the trail, every pound — hell, every ounce — counts.

Accordingly, you want to pack all your goods and chattels in as light a vessel as possible.

How’s 1.6 pounds sound?

Because that’s the baseline weight that Heimplanet’s new daypack is working with.

Launched today on Kickstarter, the Motion Series consists of the first two daypacks from the Germany company (heim is German for home), best known for inflatable geodesic dome tents that make camping about 100 times more luxurious.

There’s a lot of tech in these packs to geek out on. To wit:

  • They’ve taken their love of 3D-printed design and added it to the back panel, which makes the packs super breathable
  • The laptop sleeve doubles as a hydration pouch, so the pack can easily transition from urban to outdoor activities
  • There’s a pouch separate from the main compartment where you can dry wet clothes
  • And a removable hip bag for easy access to wallets, keys and specs

They’re raffish. They’re futuristic. And the Attenborough-esque Kickstarter video is full of action-packed shots of bikers dropping over ledges, surfers crushing icy waves and campers, well, camping.

If it doesn’t fill your heart with wanderlust, have someone check your pulse.

Get in now, friends.

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