GoPro’s Smoothest Camera Is the Cheapest It’s Ever Been on Amazon

Get started on your 2019 highlight reel

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If you haven’t picked up a GoPro in a few years, you may remember the ubiquitous action camera as a fun diversion, but ultimately a gimmick with shaky video. Why bother with all that if you can capture all your antics on your phone?

Reason number one: Have you seen GoPro’s Best of 2018 video yet? Number two: GoPro’s latest, greatest Hero7 Black is currently the lowest price it’s ever been on Amazon (with free shipping, natch).

Of course, most of you won’t be wingsuit flying or tandem drifting anytime soon. But honestly, thanks to the Hero7’s HyperSmooth video stabilization, 4K resolution and waterproof construction (no bulky housing required), you could film almost anything on this sucker and your friends will be breaking out the popcorn to watch it.

BUY IT HERE: $357 $399

The new puppy you just got for Christmas? Way cuter up close in 4K. The fat tire bike race you’re riding in this winter? Way more exciting, and less nausea inducing, with smoothed out video. And all those travel videos you made in 2018 that garnered a measly couple likes from your relatives? The Hero7 even makes ancient churches that have been photographed to death seem exhilarating.

Here’s hoping you make it into the Best of 2019 reel.

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