This Home Security System Takes Two Minutes to Set Up

Plus, it offers no monthly fees and it’s now 35% off

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Feeling secure in your home shouldn’t cause you extra stress.

So make home safety as simple as possible. Start with Anker’s EufyCam, which raised over $3 million on Kickstarter for good reason — the instructions for installing the no-monthly-fee security system are as follows:

“1) Screw onto the Outdoor Mount, 2) Stick onto the Magnetic Mount, [or] 3) Stick on metallic surfaces.”

Pair with a smartphone app, and you’re ready to secure your home.

The updated EufyCam, currently on sale at Amazon, is wireless, weatherproof and features a two-way intercom and a battery that’ll last a year. The two cameras included here feature night vision and a 1080p video resolution, with all the footage (up to a year’s worth) stored locally on the included HomeBase, not in the cloud.

Bonus: If someone tries to remove your magnetically-mounted camera, a jackhammer-level alarm is set off.

Through March 22nd, the eufyCam system on sale for $350 (if you use the code EUFYKKBT); pair it with the Amazon coupon, and you’ll get an extra $50 off and save a whopping 35%.

BUY IT HERE: $460 $300

Photo: Amazon

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