Deal: Stay Fit Year Round With the Eufy Smart Scale, 38% Off Today Only

Get a dozen important health measurements every time you step on the scale

Eufy by Anker, a smart scale that's currently 38% off at Woot for one day only
The Eufy Smart Scale is down to $28 for one day only at Woot

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There is way too much emphasis on getting fit and losing weight for summer.

The fact is, you should be monitoring your health and diet all year long, and a smart scale is a simple way to do just that. We have always been fans of Eufy (from Anker) as a well-reviewed, affordable option — and right now, as summer is closing out, Woot is taking 38% off the Eufy Smart Scale for one day only.

While only your weight is shown on the scale, the EufyLife app will record a myriad of interesting health metrics, including body fat, BMI, visceral fat, muscle mass and more. And to make this info easy to find, the app can also coordinate with both Apple Health and Google Fit, so you have a centralized location for all those important stats.

Want to share the health? The scale can work with up to 20 different accounts to give everyone in your household a boost.

The 12 different measurements taken by the Eufy Smart Scale
The 12 different measurements taken by the Eufy Smart Scale

As per usual with Woot, the sale is today only (or until they sell out) and there’s free standard shipping for Prime members.

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