Electric Flying Surfboard? Yep.

Time to go full Jesus of Nazareth on 'em, gents

September 7, 2017 9:00 am

They’re calling the Lift eFoil a flying surfboard, and that’s more or less accurate. 

Technically, what they’re offering is a hydrofoil, a board featuring a winged keel underneath with a motor attached. Those wings — which you’d readily see on an America’s Cup boat — help surfers glide through the water at speeds of 25 miles an hour. The lithium ion battery is good for about an hour and charges like a laptop.

efoil (2 images)

All you gotta do is paddle out, hop on and then use the wireless joystick to start the motor. “You can’t describe it. You’re flying above the water with no noise,” says pro surfer Damien Leroy. “You have this endless feeling of hovering.”

It’s not limited to the ocean. It’ll cruise through lakes and rivers and cut through choppy waters like a knife. They’re pre-selling them as the full eFoil, but you can also buy the keel to add to your standup paddleboard or surfboard.

Summer will be here sooner than you think.

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