Stop the Presses: These Outdoor Pants Are … Not Hideous

You can wear them in public. Without being embarrassed.

April 25, 2017 9:00 am

If you’re in the business of manufacturing and selling pants, there are approximately two ways to ensure you have a positive impact on the environment:

Either A) Use materials that are recycled and/or less harmful to the earth; or B) Make them so versatile and durable that they can replace the need to have many pairs of pant.

This strategy, of course, represents heresy to the churn-and-burn economics of built-in obsolescence, but for some companies, it’s bedrock.

Take Coalatree, an upstart outdoor gear company that (unsurprisingly) wants to see the world preserved. Their new Trailhead Adventure Pant, designed to be worn in nearly all scenarios, is a step toward achieving that. A jogger-style pant ideal for climbing and fishing as well as getting around town, the Trailhead sports an elastic waist and fitted ankles that’ll have you fitting right in at your local Friday Afternoon Club, while the robust construction  — nylon ripstop fabric, four-way stretch and felled seams — means it can also take a licking on the trail. They also dry fast and resist the odors that usually come with repeated use.

For $99, you get the pants, a hammock and a satchel. They’re available for preorder now, with an estimated delivery of September 2017. 

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