This Bike Helmet Is Better at Saving Your Life Than Other Bike Helmets

Cameras, brake lights, turn signals — it's got 'em.

July 19, 2016 9:00 am

You can have the quickest bike and all the hi-tech cycling gear. You can be the most fearless, seasoned urban commuter. But without a helmet, you’re not a biker — you’re a bonehead.

“But helmets are so bulky to carry all day,” you say. “I don’t wanna deal with helmet hair.” “If my city bike-share program doesn’t offer them, why should I care?”

Here’s one reason: the Classon, perhaps the world’s smartest bike helmet.

How smart? Front- and rear-facing cameras that not only allow you to record or broadcast your ride in real-time, but act as scanners that can alert you to blind spots (i.e., if a car is approaching from behind).

There’s also an integrated motion sensor that can sense when you’re turning, triggering the right- and left-hand turn signals located in the back and front of the helmet. That same sensor can also sense when you’re rolling to a stop, and will accordingly flip on the helmet’s back red brake light.

Other features: Bluetooth. GPS directions. And two large holes on the side for ventilation and secure lock-up to your bike when not in use.

The Classon Helmet is currently crushing its Kickstarter goal, and we suggest you head on over and make your bid.

It’s what a real biker would do.

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