Here’s the Most Lethal Knife You’ll See All Day

Made by gunmakers. So you know it's lethal.

By The Editors
April 7, 2017 9:00 am

There’s nothing worse than being out in the woods, needing to cut something, but your pocket knife isn’t up to the task.

This is a common problem for folks who aren’t knife people. Rather than hunt for the right blade, they’re more likely to grab the most comfy thing to carry or something that’s part of a multitool, which is often left behind in the bag. Or worse, something that looks cool, but has no real function.

Solving all those pain points — and creating a few new ones, if you aren’t careful — CRKT and Ruger (yeah, the gun maker). The duo just launched a collab termed the Hollow-Point — probably because it gets the job done. And with a three-hat inch blade made of strong steel that weighs only four ounces, it’s incredibly versatile.

The thumb flipper and belt catch make one-handed use easy as pie. Hell you could even use this to cut some pie.

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