Check Out the World’s Fastest—and Only Offline—Virtual Assistant

Bestee 2.0 response times can outperform Google Assistant

Bestee 2.0 virtual assistant. (Credit: Bestee)
Bestee 2.0 virtual assistant. (Credit: Bestee)

The next generation of virtual assistant for the Android phone, Bestee 2.0, is here. It boasts of blazing fast speed—response times of one millisecond, compared to an average of three seconds for other virtual assistants like Google—and the world’s only offline capability.

Rather than use the cloud for its backbone, this latest iteration of Bestee runs its machine learning and artificial intelligence programs right off your phone, which both saves on your data usage and provides more security and privacy.

Similar to Google Assistant, you engage it with a simple command: “Hey Bestee.” It also tracks morning routines and offers daily schedules, while featuring native integration with all your popular apps.

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