Meet the Soviet Defector Who Started the Cold War

Soviet cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko's defection in 1945 sent shockwaves through history


Frank Vogel Signs Three-Year Deal to be Head Coach of Lakers

Los Angeles also hires Jason Kidd as assistant coach and mentor to Lonzo Ball

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Elon Musk to Face Trial for Calling British Rescue Diver “Pedo Guy”

Billionaire claims his Twitter insults were protected by the First Amendment


First Commercial Spaceflight by Virgin Galactic Planned for This Year

Richard Branson playing catch-up to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in billionaire space race.


SNL Cold Open Mocks Republican Senators “Ride or Die” Support for Trump

Show asks "What would it take?" to lose GOP support—and finds no answers

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Former Google Engineer Reveals the Secret Plot to Kill Off Internet Explorer 6

YouTube engineers used video banners to warn of "phasing out" support for IE6

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Robert Mueller Will Testify at House Judiciary Committee on May 15

Special Counsel's testimony will be highly anticipated—and hotly contested


“Elephant Man” Biographer Announces Discovery of His Unmarked Grave

Burial site of Joseph Merrick had been unknown for 130 years


Adam Sandler Hosts “SNL” and Brings Back Opera Man to Mock Biden, Trump

Former cast member reprises goofy character from 24 years ago


Woodstock 50 Postpones Ticket Sales, Hasn’t Gotten Required Permits

Questions about the concert have some worrying it could be Fyrefest 2.0


ABC’s “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” Remakes Are Bringing the Star Power

Reboots of Norman Lear's iconic sitcoms will feature Woody Harrelson, Jamie Foxx and Marisa Tomei